Friday, May 13, 2011

Shopping Trip

I went to the grocery store so I could compare the prices of organic and non-organic foods. I knew that organic foods are more expensive, but I wanted to find out exactly how much more people have to pay for organic foods. I'll start with the produce I looked at. To my surprise, there wasn't a very big price different between the organic fruits and vegetable and the non-organic ones.

Non-organic: $2.69
Organic: $2.99- 10% higher

Baby Carrots:
Non-organic: $1.29
Organic: $1.99- 35% higher

Granny Smith Apples:
Non-organic: $1.99 per pound
Organic: $2.49 per pound- 20% higher

I also compared the prices of milk and ground beef. These types of food had slightly higher price differences between them.

Non-organic: $3.19 per gallon
Organic: $4.29 per gallon- 26% higher

Ground Chuck:
Non-organic: $3.89 per pound
Organic: $5.49 per pound- 30% higher

I thought it was interesting to compare the different foods because I've never really noticed what the price differences were. Before I went to the store, I was actually expecting the organic foods to be more expensive than they were. I think spending a little extra on organic foods is worth all the nutritional benefits they provide.


  1. I think it's worth it to spend a little more for organics.

  2. As long as the organic is reasonably close in price and looks good, I will buy it.

  3. I haven't had any experience in eating organic foods. I have seen them when shopping but they didn't look as fresh as the other products. They wanted a higher price but didn't really understand why. I was raised on a farm and we had a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables and there was no product called organic. I understand why they are trying to sell them but for what purpose. If you cook any fruit or vegetable they lose any vitamins or minerals they had. I love all fruits and vegetables and I like them fresh or slightly cooked. I guess I'm a poor person to sell on organic. At over eighty years old and healthy I don't see a change in my future to organic products.