Sunday, May 22, 2011

Looking Back on Organic Week

Before I started my week of organic meals, I thought it would make things drastically different in my household. Turns out, it didn't! In terms of actually making and eating the organic foods, it was exactly the same as eating the non-organic foods. This is why some people are against buying organic foods, since they think it won't make any difference. The real differences, though, are the ones behind the production and treatment of the foods. In this post, I wanted to mention how physically buying and eating the food was different.

First, I'll talk about buying the organic foods. We all know that organic foods cost a tad bit more than their non-organic counterparts, but nobody really mentions actually finding it in the grocery store. For products like vegetables, most stores have an organic section. But, at my store at least, this section is pretty small. This is the organic vegetable section in my local Publix:

Not only is the selection small, but you have to look closely at the food to see if it's truly organic. I mentioned before that produce has to have the USDA seal on it, and I noticed that not all of the food in the section had this. So, this means that some grocery stores have a limited selection of organic foods.

On the plus side, though, preparing organic food is exactly the same as making conventional food, and it doesn't require any additional steps. It's true, I even have proof from my mom!

I also wanted to mention the way organic food tastes. To me, most of them don't taste any different from regular food, with the exception of a few things. Organic milk, for example, has a very distinctive taste, so it's a good idea to try some and see if you like it. (Some kids my age think it's gross.)

I added a new poll about the taste of organic food. Let me know what you think: is it better, the same, or worse?


  1. I can't believe some kids think organic milk tastes gross. I think it's much better. Maybe it's just what they are used to.

  2. I liked the organic milk better too. I would like to try some organic cheese.