Sunday, May 22, 2011

Inside an Organic Warehouse

Back in December, I got the chance to tour the Destiny Organics distribution center. It was pretty interesting to learn about the specific ways organic foods have to be grown, organized, and delivered. First, here's a few pictures of the warehouse:

Did you know that a piece of land has to be empty of non-organic materials for 3 years before organic food can be grown on it? There's a lot of other  regulations about organic soil, including materials and machinery that can be used. I also learned that the organic foods must be kept far away from the non-organic foods because the materials can't come into contact with each other. Along with these, there are so many other requirements for organic farms. It seems like organic farming is much more complicated than conventional farming, which is one of the reasons why organic foods cost more. Now I know that if a company says their food is organic, they're not playing around!

I thought it was a pretty cool experience to visit the warehouse and see the process behind shipping organic foods. Plus, I got some free apples out of it!


  1. I loved going on this trip with you. I learned that Destiny Organics has a box program where anyone can order a case of organic produce to take home. This might be a good way to get with some neighbors and get some healthy foods at, I believe, a discounted price. I'll check into this program again.

  2. I enjoyed visiting the warehouse too. The team at Destiny really seem to believe in what they are doing and they work very hard. I want some more of those apples!